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Physical therapy tailored to you.

The difference at EH Wellness:

Morning Flower

Longer treatment times

1 Hour Assessments
30 min/1 hour Follow Ups

Allows for a deep dive into patient history, current symptoms, and lifestyle to get to the root cause.

Purple Flower

1-on-1 with Therapist

Individualized treatment plans, carried out by the Physiotherapist. The best therapy involves taking the time to listen. At EH wellness we spend the time to fully address patient needs.

Orange Flower

Lasting results

Expect an improvement in symptoms within 1-3 treatments. 

Depending on the severity and how long you have had the condition, will determine how many total treatment sessions you require.

What we treat

We treat a wide range of conditions and offer a whole body, root cause approach to healing. 


Comprehensive assessment:

Postural analysis

Movement screen

Lifestyle practices 


Review of internal factors driving dysfunction


Combination of manual therapy, education and lifestyle practices to support optimal function.

  • Visceral manipulation

  • Cupping

  • Movement therapy 

  • Breath retraining 

  • Sleep optimization

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Physiotherapy Fees

Initial Assessment $165

Follow Up Treatment (1 hour) $125

Follow Up Treatment (30 min) $80

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Initial Pelvic Floor Assessment $175

Pelvic Floor Follow Up (1 hour) $135

Pelvic Floor Follow Up (30 min) $90


We offer direct billing with many extended health care plans. Please contact your extended health care plan to determine eligibility for physiotherapy coverage etc.


We do not provide physiotherapy that is covered by Alberta Health Services.

List of health care providers we direct bill too:


Located in the Ultrawhite Clinic

Suite #101, 10909 Jasper Avenue

Edmonton, Alberta

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